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old toyota suv

Learn about the history of the used Toyota RAV4 in Orlando!

A classic Toyota SUV, like a used Toyota RAV4 has a lot of admirers, but not everyone knows the history of it! If you’re interested in this great SUV, you’re in for a treat! Toyota of Clermont is taking you back almost 21 years to when this Toyota SUV first appeared and captured our hearts! […]

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used suv

Used Toyota cars make the best summer road trip vehicles!

At Toyota of Clermont, you can find the best used cars for a road trip this summer! We have a wide variety of different makes and models, but we believe that the best new cars make the best and most reliable used cars. For your upcoming adventure this summer, take it on with a quality […]

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transmission replacement

Don’t put off transmission repair in Orlando! Your used car needs it!

There are a lot of important systems in a vehicle that work together to keep it running and moving. The engine, suspension, exhaust and transmission are four of the most important systems. These need to be kept in tiptop shape to ensure your used car will run for years and years to come! The transmission […]

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carpool tips

Used cars in Orlando are the best for carpooling!

Whether you’re traveling to work or school, there can be a lot of driving on a day to day basis. For a way to save money and the environment, consider carpooling! Carpooling is when a group of people with a similar destination all ride in one vehicle and usually take turns driving. By rotating who […]

wiper blades

Replace your windshield wipers before Florida’s rainy summers get here!

One of the most important parts to driving is having the best visibility possible while behind the wheel! Hazardous weather like rain and snow can interfere with visibility, so it’s crucial to have properly functioning windshield wipers. Florida summers are famous for the consistently rainy afternoons, so before they really kick in, make sure you […]

2013 used kia

Save BIG on quality used cars in Orlando!

Toyota of Clermont has BIG news! July is here and so is The Big One sales event! Today we’re kicking off the huge savings and gigantic deals you can get this month at our family-owned used car dealership! Find quality used Toyota in Orlando! We are big believers in that the best new cars make […]


Find the true cost to own an Orlando used car!

Car shopping can be stressful and a little overwhelming, so it’s important to do your research and know everything there is to know about buying a car. Financial decisions like this usually require a lot of planning and thought about your budget. If you want a car with a low price tag, then buying an […]

applying tint

Get window tinting on your used car to keep it like new!

Summer can be hot for anyone living in Florida because of the intense sun! No one enjoys getting in their car after it’s been sitting in the hot sun, but it’s not so bad if you have window tinting done at our Toyota Service Center in Orlando! The summer heat can not only be damaging […]

used ford truck

Get the best used truck for work and play in Orlando!

Are you looking for your next work vehicle? Maybe you’re looking for a vehicle with a lot of towing capability for your boat trailer! Either way, it sounds like you’re looking for an Orlando used truck! Get exactly what you’re looking for at an affordable price! At Toyota of Clermont we have pre-owned trucks in […]

seasonal car maintenance

Don’t forget about routine maintenance for your used car this summer!

Summer will be here any day now and the temperatures just keep climbing! There are a lot of things to think about this summer: kids are out of school, vacation planning… have you thought about your Orlando used car lately? A car is an investment worth taking care of! A crucial part of taking care […]