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back to school

Get excited for back to school with Orlando used cars!

Let’s face it—summer is quickly coming to an end. While saying goodbye to the summer might be slightly sad, doing some back to school shopping is always a fun endeavor! At Toyota of Clermont, we strive to make your life a bit easier in any way we can! That’s why we have to ask, are […]

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accident damage

Check Leesburg used cars for accident damage!

When shopping for a used car in Leesburg, you have to be smart about it. Although you can count on our used car dealership in Leesburg to provide you with quality ride, you can always be so sure about some other car dealerships or private sellers. This is why you have to know what you’re […]

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buying car tips

How to buy your first Orlando used car!

The time has finally arrived—you’re ready to take the plunge on buying your first used car in Orlando! Before you sign on the dotted line, there’s definitely a process you need to follow! People tend to assume that buying your first Orlando used car is simple, but there’s a science to the process. That’s where […]

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go green

Go green with one of our Orlando used cars!

If you’re anything like us, you know how important it is to take care of the environment. Toyota of Clermont recognizes that we all must do our part to protect the beautiful planet we all live in! One of the easiest ways you can become a bit greener is by getting behind the wheel of […]

used toyota

Grab an Orlando used car and go on a Florida road trip!

If you’re a Florida native, you’re well aware just how iconic and unique our state is. We’re so very fortunate to be able to pack up our things and transport to a different mindset by just jumping into the sea or meeting various different Disney princesses at Walt Disney World! It’s summer, which means it’s […]

get car organized

Tips on how to organize your Orlando used car

Summertime is upon us, which means the kids are out from school and road trips plague our lives! Is your Orlando used car ready to take on the road this Fourth of July weekend? Chances are your ride is all kinds of disorganized (don’t worry, so is ours)! However, getting organized before you hit the […]

Toyota sales event

Orlando used cars are cheap during the Hot Summer Sales Event

Good news! The incredible Hot Summer Sales Event has been extended through the month of July! That means that you can take home a used car in Orlando for a very low price. This includes our incredible used Toyota! This event has been so popular with our customers that we HAD to extend it. We […]

used toyota

Go on an all-American road trip with our used cars

Summer in Central Florida is always a fun affair. We are so lucky to have beaches and theme parks around us, giving us tons of fun activities to do during the summer! However, have you always wanted travel the good ol’ USA but don’t have dependable ride? Our reliable used cars in Orlando are the […]

used hybrid cars

Our used cars can get you ready for Fourth of July

The closer we get to the Fourth of July, the more excited we get! Fourth of July is a very exciting time; after all, this holiday marks the birthday of our glorious country! Are you wishing that you had a reliable ride to take you on a fun road trip through the states of our […]

summer solstice

Celebrate the summer solstice with our Orlando used cars!

Tomorrow marks the summer solstice, officially starting the summer! However, we’ve been having some hot temperatures as of late (which means it’s already feeling like summer here)! What better way to celebrate the longest day of the years by getting behind the wheel of one of our hot used cars in Orlando? With the sizzling […]