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used car for Valentine's day

Have a memorable Valentine’s Day in a used car!

Do you want to find a way to make your Valentine’s Day memorable with your loved one? How about getting behind the wheel of a used car in Orlando? When you visit our used car dealership in Orlando you’ll find a variety of dazzling rides that will sweep you off your feet! Visit us today […]

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auto service tips

Orlando Car Tire Maintenance 101

Have you ever thought about how important your Orlando car tires are? These parts on your car are the only parts that are in constant contact with the ground. In fact, they are the only parts that ever touch the ground! Auto tires are subject to major wear over short and long periods of time. […]

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cheap cars for sale

Used car deals can get you out of your current loan or lease!

At Toyota of Clermont, we’re hosting the Loan or Lease Release event and it’s all for you! We’re slashing prices on our best used cars in Orlando to help you get out of your current loan or lease and into a reliable ride! To help make this happen, we’ve secured over $100 million in financing. […]

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used truck

Get the perfect catch in a used truck!

Do you like to enjoy long relaxing days out by the water casting and catching fish? If you’re a pro at fishing then you know that it requires the right equipment and you need a ride that can carry and store it all for you! If you don’t have a ride that’s capable of doing […]

brake rotors

Brush up on car brake service basics!

Driving is typically something you do every day. Your car gets a lot of use and as drivers we sometimes forget that cars need maintenance. You may take your car brakes for granted, but it’s important that you pay attention to them. This component of your car is crucial for safe driving and handling. Without […]

driving tips

Safe driving in your Orlando used car is top priority!

Sometimes we end up in a position of not having to drive. You work from home, you’re in a carpool or your car was out of commission! If this applies to you and now you’re getting back out on the road, it’s a good idea to refresh yourself with safe driving tips! Driving can be […]

auto service

Handle common car issues with Toyota service!

Sometimes owning a car can bring about unpredictable situations! You can be on your way to work when suddenly you’re stranded with a flat tire, or a large rock pops up and cracks your windshield! You never know what situations you may face, so it’s important that you know how to handle a variety of common […]

cheap used cars

Used Toyota deals are happening at the Loan or Lease Release event!

Are you still recovering from the expenses of the holiday season? Has your car been giving you trouble? It can be hard to come back from it so quickly, especially if you’re in need of a new ride. At Toyota of Clermont, we have good news for you! We just kicked off the Loan or […]

pre-owned toyota yaris

Best used Toyota deals are at the Extended Year End Closeout event!

Are you looking to upgrade your ride for the New Year but your bank account is still struggling from Christmas? The perfect solution for you is a used Toyota in Orlando! Going on right now at Toyota of Clermont is the Extended Year End Closeout event, where you can find great deals and huge savings […]

car buying tips

Ask all the right questions when buying from a used car private seller

Are you searching in newspaper classifieds or on online advertisements for a new ride? Buying from a private seller is a great way to get a used car at an extremely affordable price, especially because you have the opportunity to haggle. Unfortunately, there can be some risk included in buying from a private seller. There’s […]