Drive home a hybrid – check out our used cars in Orlando!

used Toyota Prius in Orlando


Are you looking for a way to make your drivetime more eco-friendly this year, but not quite sure how to do it on a budget? Don’t worry – Toyota of Clermont is here to help! When we open our doors early this summer, we’ll be hosting a HUGE variety of used cars in Orlando, including hybrid options! Hybrid cars are an easy way to make your driving experiences more environmentally friendly, and you’ll love the affordable options that we’ll be bringing to the community. Let’s take a look at how a hybrid works, and which of our used cars will encompass this incredible technology!

What does hybrid technology mean in our Orlando used cars?

What is a hybrid? Basically, if you climb behind one of our Orlando used cars that’s endowed with hybrid technology, you’re working with both a gasoline engine and an electric motor. This means you’ve got two power sources, and they alternate back and forth to ensure that the gasoline engine is utilized less. In fact, a hybrid will try to utilize the electric motor as much as possible. This means much more fuel efficiency as well as a major cut-back on harmful emissions in these particular used cars. It’s an easy way to go green and to integrate these habits into your everyday life, but some drivers are under a tighter budget than others and just can’t swing the cost of a new hybrid. While Toyota of Clermont will offer a variety of affordable hybrid vehicles, we’ll also have hybrid options in our selection of used cars!

used cars in Orlando

For example, when perusing our used cars in Orlando you’ll probably come across a used Toyota Prius somewhere along the way! The Toyota Prius is the best-selling hybrid in the world, and is actually the forerunner in the realm of hybrid technology. When you think hybrid, you think Prius! Buying a used Toyota Prius is an incredible investment; you’re getting the dependability you need, amazing fuel efficiency, and a sleek and aerodynamic style no matter the year of the car’s birth. Additionally, this used car boasts great technology!

You might also come across a used Toyota Camry Hybrid when you’re exploring our new dealership! This remarkable car is simply a hybrid version of the original Toyota Camry, which is the best-selling car in America for a multitude of reasons. It’s held the title for years, beating out a slew of other competitors. Therefore, when you purchase a used Toyota Camry Hybrid you know you’re getting an exceptional vehicle… but you’re also adding in the element of eco-friendliness to do your part!

Find a fuel-efficient AND family-friendly used car in Orlando!

You might even stumble upon a family-friendly used hybrid or two while taking a look at our Orlando used cars! The used Toyota Prius v is the largest member of the Prius family, offering a huge amount of interior space and seating for five, but still maintaining great fuel efficiency and cutting down on those smog-forming emissions. Or you might find the used Toyota Highlander Hybrid calling your name – this family-friendly SUV is renowned for its versatility, style, and major functionality, but ┬áthe hybrid version helps you cut costs at the gas pump and do your part to go green as well!

Stay tuned – we’ll be opening our doors in no time, and we’re incredible excited about being able to serve our new customers! Check out our sister store in the meantime if you’d like to learn more about hybrids – Toyota of Orlando is located at 3575 Vineland Road. If not, we’ll see you in June at our new Toyota dealership – swing by 16851 State Road 50 to check out the progress!