Take care of your used car with auto service!

auto service in OrlandoYou can expect to find more than a wide variety of used cars at Toyota of Clermont when we open our doors. Our state-of-the-art service center will have trained Toyota technicians on hand to take care of routine maintenance and also extensive auto repairs for you!

No matter what kind of used car in Orlando you have, you can count on utilizing the reliable auto services we’ll be offering to take care of your vehicle for the long-haul and ensure that it will be performing in peak performance for a long time to come!

What kinds of routine auto service will Toyota of Clermont offer?

cheap auto serviceYou can easily get more than one kind of important auto repair taken care of when you visit our Toyota dealership. Just like Toyota of Orlando, our sister dealership, offers incredible auto service specials, we’ll also be providing similar opportunities for you to take care of important auto service!

  • Oil Change: Routine oil changes are an important part of regular auto service in Orlando. Giving your vehicle regular oil changes helps make sure that the different interior mechanical components are properly lubricated and working as they should. 
  • Cabin Air Filter: The air filter in the cabin helps remove dangerous elements such as dust and pollen to keep the air fresh! The air filter is important because it helps keep the interior air of your used car from becoming unhealthy, or stale. 
  • Tires: Not only do tires need to be replaced, but they also need to be rotated on a regular basis and have the air pressure checked to! Correct tire pressure can help with fuel efficiency and regularly having the tires rotated helps ensure that they’re getting even wear and tear. 
  • Battery: It can be incredibly frustrating to try to start your vehicle, only to realize that the battery is dead. Every time you bring your used car in for some auto care, our Toyota technicians can check the charge to make sure that it has plenty of power!

These are just a few elements of routine auto repair in Orlando that can be attended to when you bring your used car in for regular auto repair!

Find important auto parts on location!

If you’re ever interested in taking care of some routine maintenance on your own, we’ll also be equipped to help you out with that! We’ll be selling genuine Toyota parts on location when we open our doors, and you’ll be able to come visit us to find the materials you’re looking for. If for some reason we don’t have the auto part you  need, then all you have to do is let us know! We can order the part for you and then let you know when it’s arrived.

We can’t wait to open our doors so that we can help you find affordable and reliable transportation, and to help you take care of it so that it will perform exactly as you want it to! Have any questions? Feel free to contact us at (888) 590-6090!