Take your pick of a manual or automatic transmission!

When shopping for a used car in Orlando, there are many different factors that should be considered. For example, if you want your pre-owned vehicle to be able to tow heavy cargo then chances are you’re looking for a used vehicle that that’s a little bit bigger in size. However, if what you want is a more sleek and streamlined option that can zoom down the highway, then you might want to consider taking home a sporty used car like the used Scion tC in Orlando! Knowing what kind of performance you want easy-access to and what kind of capabilities you want your vehicle to have is important. Another factor that’s important to consider when you’re shopping for a used car in Orlando is the overall driving experience you want to enjoy, and the type of transmission your vehicle has plays a big role in this.

Which do you prefer – a manual or automatic transmission?

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The type of transmission a used car has actually plays a big role in how much you’ll enjoy getting behind the wheel. Why? It’s pretty well understood that different drivers are looking for different experiences when they’re on the road. If you get inside a used vehicle that doesn’t have the features you want, then you probably won’t be enjoying your time behind the wheel as much as you could. Find the type of used vehicle that will meet your preferences at our Toyota dealership near Orlando!

Quite a few vehicles come with the choice of either an automatic or manual transmission. For drivers who want to take off and not have to worry about doing any hard work while they’re driving, an automatic transmission might be what they need. This type of transmission is equipped with technology that will automatically shift the gears in a car for the driver so they don’t have to do it themselves.

However, if you want to feel in-control of your time on the road at all times, then a manual transmission might be more up your alley. This is because unlike the automatic transmission, you do need to manually shift the different gears so that the vehicle can perform at its optimum level.

What types of benefits do these vehicles provide?

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There are many different perks that both of these transmissions deliver – which one is right for your really just comes down to personal preference.

  • As mentioned earlier, the automatic transmission provides a little bit more convenience since drivers don’t have to manually shift the gears when trying to reach different speeds.
  • More models tend to be available with the automatic transmission as well.
  • Manual transmission are perfect for drivers who want to feel a little bit more in control while they’re on the road.
  • In some cases, manual transmissions have also found to provide better gas mileage.

Still not sure which transmission is right for you? Not a problem! Just stop by and visit us at 16851 to learn more about the different used cars in Orlando on our lot that come with these options. Our Product Specialists are standing by ready to assist you with whatever you need!