Used Toyota in Leesburg are built to tow!

used Toyota for saleIt’s not uncommon for drivers to be faced with a situation where they need to tow something. The only problem is, what if you don’t have the equipment or transportation that’s needed to transport the items? Thankfully, Toyota of Clermont has a solution for you! If you anticipate needing to tow some cargo on a slightly regular basis, getting a vehicle that’s equipped to handle the job is a solution worth considering. Don’t think that there’s only a few select cars or trucks that meet the criteria you have, though. When we open our doors, you’ll be amazed at how many used cars in Leesburg we’ll have that are built and designed to handle a variety of towing situations!

Take your pick of durable used Toyota in Leesburg!

One of the first options that might come to mind when thinking of pre-owned cars that can handle a heavy tow-load are the Toyota Tacoma or Toyota Tundra. We know that these vehicles are extremely popular options at our sister store, Toyota of Orlando, and with good reason! Many drivers clamor to our sister store in Central Florida to get behind a pre-owned Toyota Tundra since this particular truck is well-known for towing a space shuttle.

Explore used Toyota in Leesburg that can tow!

used Toyota in LeesburgHowever, there are many other used Toyota that we’ll be featuring which will be more than able to handle the kind of towing situations you might find yourself in.

  • Used Toyota Sequoia: This SUV is not just exceptionally stylish, but it also has the ability to handle lots of heavy cargo! Whenever you’re thinking about getting a used car that has a towing ability, it’s important to consider how much total weight you plan on transporting (also known as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). Depending on the trim-level and model-year of this used Toyota that you take home, you can easily handle a tow load of up to 7,400 pounds!
  • Pre-owned Toyota RAV4: This vehicle is also able to handle a pretty hefty load. If you think that you’re only going to be carting the occasional heavy item around, then maybe a smaller and more compact SUV might be solution for you! After all, some model-years and trim-levels of this Toyota can handle towing up to 1,500 pounds!

You’re not limited to one kind of vehicle style, model-year, or even trim-level if you’re searching for a pre-owned Toyota that has the ability to tow! What’s right for you just depends on your transportation needs, and what kind of driving capabilities you want to have access to.

If you’re not sure about which used car is the right one for you, you’re not alone when you go through the process of trying to figure it out. You can count on our extremely knowledgeable team of Product Specialists to help you and answer your questions! You don’t even have to wait to get the information you need. Give us a call right now at (888) 590-6090!