Does your used car need auto service in Orlando?

Maintaining the upkeep of your used vehicle is vital to the functioning and performance of the car. In fact, this doesn’t just go for used cars but new cars too! When you purchase a car from our used car dealership in Orlando, you can rest assured that what you’re purchasing is of great quality. However, sometimes these cars tend to need a little more TLC and that’s why you should bring it in to us for routine auto service in Orlando!

Used cars in Orlando

Bring your used vehicle to us for affordable auto service in Orlando!

Expensive auto repairs and car service can put a damper on your day! That’s why it’s vital to bring your car in for cheap auto service in Orlando to make sure its functioning how it should be! Putting off quick auto maintenance can put heaps of stress on your used car and cause the engine to fail.

We offer a multitude of auto service in Orlando for your used car! Our trained Toyota technicians will work on your pre-owned car and figure out exactly what it needs to keep it in tip-top shape! Are you overdue for a quick oil change in Orlando? Bring in your pre-owned car to us and let our technicians do the job! We offer other auto services too, such as:

  • Brake flushes, cleaning, and adjustments
  • Filter changes (oil filter, engine air filters, and cabin air filter)
  • Fluid changes (oil, coolant, and brake)
  • Wiper blade replacements
  • Tire care (including rotations, balances, and wheel alignment)
  • Routine car service appointments

Cheap auto service

Our Toyota technicians are available to work on all makes and models!

Even if you didn’t purchase your used vehicle from us, our car service technicians can work on your vehicle! Our auto service center in Orlando is available to work on all makes and models for an affordable cost that fits your budget! Don’t hesitate to bring in your used vehicle to us for affordable car service and cheap auto maintenance! We got you covered!

Additionally, when you bring your used vehicle in to us, our Toyota technicians will take their time to thoroughly inspect your ride! They perform routine auto inspections and seek out the malfunctions in all aspects of your ride, including:

  • Ensuring belts and hoses are in tip-top shape
  • Checking to make sure all lights (like blinkers and brake lights) are functioning properly
  • Examining the steering and suspension system in your used ride

Taking your pre-owned car in for routine car maintenance may seem like a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be! Take your used ride in to us and let our Toyota service technicians take care of your ride! We have awesome deals going on right now for affordable car maintenance! So, don’t forget to ask about our specials!

Are you ready to bring in your used car for affordable auto service? Give our Toyota service center a call at 866-454-1614 to schedule an appointment today! We are located at 16851 State Road 50 right off Florida’s Turnpike!