Don’t put off transmission repair in Orlando! Your used car needs it!

There are a lot of important systems in a vehicle that work together to keep it running and moving. The engine, suspension, exhaust and transmission are four of the most important systems. These need to be kept in tiptop shape to ensure your used car will run for years and years to come!

affordable transmission repair in Orlando

The transmission is one of the more complex systems under the hood of your vehicle. It is responsible for three main jobs: transfer torque from the engine to the wheels, allow the car to change gears and travel at different speeds and use the power from the engine to allow the car to move forward and backward. A properly working transmission is crucial to making your car move!

If you are having troubles with your car, like gears getting stuck or you hear a grinding sound, your used car may be in need of transmission repair! Our Toyota Service Center in Orlando is sharing tips on when and where to get quality and affordable transmission repair!

How to know if your used car needs transmission repair

Most of the time, your car will give off warning signs that the transmission is going bad or needs to be fixed. Pay attention to these signs!

  • Strange noises! If you’re hearing a clunking or screeching noise coming from under the hood while you’re driving, this shouldn’t be ignored. Bring your car in to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando to have the problem diagnosed and fixed in no time!
  • Stuck or slipping gears! If while you’re accelerating you feel the car slip out of gear and in to the previous one, a part of your transmission is not working properly. The same goes for when your car will not switch gears as you’re accelerating because the transmission is failing and has caused it to get stuck.
  • Leaking and burning fluid! If you notice any fluid leaking or smell burning fluids, you are in need of Orlando transmission repair. Transmission fluid has a sweet smell to it, so if you smell it, there is a leak somewhere in your transmission system that needs to be tended to!
  • Shaking or grinding! If you’re driving a used car with a manual transmission and you notice that it is grinding gears or shaking while shifting, Orlando transmission repair should be in your near future!

Toyota Service Center in Orlando

What to do if you need Orlando auto repairs

If you find yourself in need of transmission repair, bring your car or have it brought in to our auto service center in Orlando! Our professionally trained technicians will fully inspect the workings of your car and diagnose the problem for what you’re feeling, hearing or smelling! You can leave your car in trusted hands to have your used car repaired and back in good shape!

Visit our Toyota Service Center at 16851 State Rd. 50, between the Florida Turnpike and Highway 27! If you have any questions about car maintenance or auto repairs, give us a call at (866) 454-1614!