Learn car maintenance essentials before cold weather arrives!

Temperatures are dropping and the excitement for winter is rising. Winter weather is great for bonfires, wearing comfy sweaters and of course – enjoying the cold! Sometimes there are downsides to cold weather, like being stuck in it. If you’ve ever been left stranded with a dead car battery or a flat tire, you know it can be unnerving. Avoid getting stuck in this chilly situation with basic car maintenance. If your car battery is dead, just jump start it! If your car tire is flat, just change it! The solutions are simple, and if you don’t know how to do these tasks our Orlando auto service technicians can help!

Be a pro at car maintenance!

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Instead of being stuck at home or stranded on the side of the road, learn how to remedy the situation yourself! Our car maintenance center in Orlando can teach you how to jump start your car battery when it’s dead and change a car tire when it’s flat.

How to Jump Start a Car Battery

If you turn the key in the ignition and you notice the engine won’t crank and your car won’t start, you are more than likely facing a dead car battery. Your battery doesn’t have enough juice to get your car started and needs help! To jump start a car in Orlando you will need jumper cables and a car with a functioning battery. Once you’ve got everything you need, you can jump start your car.

  • Line up the two vehicles so the two batteries are as close as possible. Shut both cars off.
  • Connect the jumper cables carefully in this order: connect the positive cable to the positive battery post of the working battery, then connect the other end to the positive post of the dead battery. Connect the negative cable to the negative post of the working battery and the other end should be clamped onto a piece of unpainted metal.
  • Start the working car and let the engine run for several minutes. After a few minutes, try starting your car (it may take a few attempts).

Orlando car maintenance is easy!

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How to Change a Flat Tire

If you’re experiencing a flat tire, the first thing you should do is pull safely off of the road and put on your hazard lights. Once safely off the roadway, get out the equipment you need to change a flat tire which includes: a lug nut wrench, car jack stand, and spare tire. This car maintenance how-to is simple, just follow this step-by-step from our Orlando Toyota service techs!

  • Loosen the lug nuts, jack up the car six or seven inches and then remove the lug nuts completely. Consult your owner’s manual as to where the jack should be placed and don’t let those lug nuts out of your sight!
  • Pull the flat tire straight out and remove it from the axle. Replace it with the spare tire, installing it straight on. Replace the lug nuts and lower the vehicle back on the ground safely.

For more car maintenance tips from our Orlando auto service center, call us at (866) 454-1614!