Learn how to test drive a used car like a pro!

Do you know how to properly test drive a used car in Orlando?

Many people think test drives are simple – you just hop behind the wheel, take it for a spin, and then sign the dotted line. It can be that simple if you want it to be, but we recommend you take a little more time to check out the situation before you buy an Orlando used car! We’ve got a test drive checklist to ensure you find the right ride for your drive time needs – check it out!

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Learn how to test drive an Orlando used car with our tips!

Before you leave our lot on your Orlando used car test drive, you should take a few minutes to inspect the car and read over the CarFax history report. Here are some things to look out for when you make your rounds:

  • Do all the doors and the trunk open easily and without squeaking?
  • Do you see rust anywhere on the car? This can be a deal-breaker because it can lead to a lot of expenses on your part after your purchase.
  • Do you see mismatched paint or places where pieces of the car don’t quite meet? This can indicate a past accident with Orlando auto repairs that weren’t done correctly!
  • Do you notice any weird noises when you open the hood and let the engine run? Listen for a few minutes!
  • Do the tires all match in terms of size and brand? Are they all worn evenly, and do they have enough tread to keep you on the road for a while?
  • Do the headlights and taillights all work correctly? What about the turn signals and hazard lights?

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Have a stress-free used car test drive – visit us today!

After you’ve inspected the exterior and under the hood of the Orlando used car for sale, it’s time to get behind the wheel! Here are some things to pay attention to when you hit the road:

  • Let the car idle for a minute – does it idle smoothly? Do you hear any strange noises or see smoke coming out of the tailpipe? How about smells – does everything smell clean inside the car?
  • Hit the gas and see how the car reacts – does it accelerate smoothly and evenly? Next, try braking and see how immediate the reaction is. Remember, brakes are imperative to your safety when you’re behind the wheel of your used car in Orlando!
  • Take both left and right turns to ensure the car handles them well, and try putting it in reverse in a parking lot to ensure that goes smoothly too!
  • Try parking the car you’re thinking about buying! If it’s hard to park, reconsider – parking is something you have to do pretty much every time you take the car out.
  • Make sure you’ll have enough interior space in this particular car – take into account both gear AND passengers before you make a final decision!

Have questions? Give us a call today and have one of our sales specialists give you some pointers. We’re located just off the Florida Turnpike at 16851 State Road 50 and you can reach us seven days a week at (888) 590-6090!