Oil changes keep your used car moving!

When you buy a used car in Orlando, we can guarantee that it is reliable and quality purchase! After you drive it off the lot, we want to make sure the car will last you a long time! Cars that receive regular maintenance tend to stay on the road longer than those that do not. The Toyota Service Center in Orlando is equipped to handle all your maintenance and service needs!

Why are oil changes so important?

One of the most important Toyota used car services for your used car is a regular oil change and oil filter change. Oil is crucial the moving and working parts in a vehicle and if not constantly lubricated, parts get worn out and can eventually break. An Orlando oil change is necessary to reassure fresh oil is getting to those important parts of the car. Replacing parts can get pricey, so by staying up to date with your use car’s maintenance, then you won’t have to worry.

Oil change service


Oil can also build up and get thick, causing cars to malfunction and have problems. A regular oil change will prevent sticky oil from building up and causing your engine from having issues. Sticky oil gums up the parts in your car causing them to not move as easily and could keep them from moving completely.

If you’re not sure if your pre-owned vehicle needs an oil change yet, it’s easy to check it yourself! The first thing to look for is the color. The color begins as a light brown but will darken after a couple weeks. An oil change is needed when your oil looks dark, dark black and gritty. The particles that cause that grit can clog up your oil filter and can make it useless.

Used car service in Orlando

Changing your oil in Orlando needs to be done frequently.

Other signs your oil needs to be changed in your Orlando used car include:

  • A persistent check engine light. If your check engine light refuses to go off, check the dipstick and see what level your oil is at. Rather than just fill it up, check the consistency and decide whether it the oil needs to be replaced completely.
  • The car’s engine running louder than normal. Little or no oil in a car can cause serious wear and tear on an engine. It is not uncommon for engines to break or need replacing due to lack of oil.
  • Smoke is coming out of the exhaust pipe. It is not a good thing if smoke is pouring out of the exhaust. Most of the time it is because the oil has burned up and the car is running without it. (Smoke could also be a signed of a bad head gasket and also requires attention and maintenance.)

Frequently getting the oil checked, drained and replaced is crucial to making sure your car lasts on the road for years to come! If you want to make sure your car is running smooth and at its best, stop by the Toyota of Clermont Service Center to get it all checked out! We’re located at 16851 State Road 50, Clermont, FL 34711.