Is an Orlando used car with accident damage a good buy?

Would you ever consider buying an Orlando used car that was in an accident with its previous owner?

Believe it or not, it’s a question that many used car shoppers have to ask themselves. Lots of pre-owned vehicles sitting on car lots have been in everything from fender benders to major collisions, and as a prospective buyer you have to decide whether or not you’re comfortable with that type of history! Luckily, it’s not a black-or-white decision and it’s very subjective. That’s why we’re here – our Orlando used car dealership has the info you need to decide if a car with collision history is going to be a fit for you!

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Figure out if you should buy a used car with accident damage!

There are three different things you have to think about if you’re considering an Orlando used car with a history of accidents.

  1. How bad was the damage?
  2. What’s the title status?
  3. Who did the repairs?

We’re breaking each aspect down so you can make the best decision when it comes to buying a used car in Orlando!

Damage: How bad was the damage? Was it a fender bender where the car in question got away with superficial scratches and dents, or was it a bad accident where extensive repairs were needed after the fact? Make sure you pull a Carfax history report on the vehicle to get more information before signing the dotted line.

Title Status: What is the title status of the Orlando used car you’re thinking about buying? Sometimes after an accident, the car will have to get a new title reflecting the collision. If it has a salvage title, that means the repairs cost more than the amount of the car. If it’s toting a rebuilt title, it had to be completely rebuilt after the accident (which means the collision was pretty bad). It can be harder to insure these types of titles, so make sure you do your research and consider talking to your insurance company before taking the plunge!

Repairs: Who did the repairs? You want to ensure that any Orlando auto repairs done on the used car in question were done by a reputable shop, and you should follow-up on available warranties and repair records so you have them. It also might be worth it to have another mechanic take a look at the car so they can point out any shoddy or unreliable repair work. They’ll look for things like mismatched panels and different colors of paint on the car, as well as be able to spot things under the hood that you might not notice.

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