Remember to have a routine brake service!

Routine maintenance is important for all cars, especially used cars! Your used car should frequently have the oil changed, tires rotated and balanced and your brake pads changed!

Why is having a brake service on your pre-owned car so important?

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Cars with extremely worn brake pads or brake fluid issues can cause your car to not slow down as fast and can eventually rend the brakes useless, causing a lot of potential danger. To avoid this, know the warning signs and get an Orlando brake service from our Toyota Service Center.

When you’re driving look out for these signs from your brakes:

  • An out of the ordinary sound. Most common is drivers hear a squealing, screeching or grinding sound when pressing on the brake pedal. If you hear this sound, it’s an indicator that your brake pads are worn down and need to be brought into our Orlando auto service center for a brake service.
  • The feel of your brake pedal. No one knows how your car normally feels when braking better than you. If it feels strange, it may be time to get an Orlando brake pad replacement.
  • If your used car feels like it pulling to one side, a brake job may be in order. The pads can be wearing unevenly or the brake fluids need to be flushed and replaced.
  • If your pre-owned car’s brakes beginning vibrating, you may be experiencing tire or brake problems. If it is the brakes, the rotors could not be functioning properly and need immediate attention from our Toyota trained technicians.

If any of these signs are happening, head over to our Orlando Toyota Service center to get your pre-owned vehicle inspected for brake issues! Our Toyota trained experts can identify the problem and have it fixed in a jiffy! We also offer brake job coupons to make your experience here even better!

Once you’ve got new brake pads on your used car, you want to make them last as long as you can! Changing your driving habits can help tremendously! We’ve asked our Toyota technicians and come up with a couple ways for you to maintain car brakes in Orlando!

Routine brake service in Orlando

  • Avoid stopping at high speeds! If you’re traveling at high speeds and have to brake quickly, this causes a lot of wear on your brake pads from the friction and intense heat, and shortens their life span. Instead, pay close attention to your surroundings and anticipate slowly stopping sooner rather than later!
  • Don’t brake unnecessarily! Constantly braking can cause fast wear and mean you will need more frequent Orlando brake services. Coasting is an efficient way to slow down without wearing down your brakes!

If you have any questions regarding your brakes or any routine car maintenance for your used car, call us at (866) 454-1614. If you want to schedule your next brake service, come visit us! Our service department is open seven days a week! We’re located on State Rd. 50, between the Florida Turnpike and Highway 27!