Enhance the fuel efficiency on your used car!

Tomorrow is the International Earth Day! This day is observed by more than 190 countries all around the world. It’s a day dedicated to improving our habits and how we can better our planet. We continuously discard things without realizing the damage it’s doing. In Florida a lot of things are very spread out and we have to drive in order to get to most places. The burning fuel in our car helps pollute our planet. So in honor of Earth Day being tomorrow, we want to share some helpful ways in which you can enhance the fuel efficiency in your Orlando used car.

Get better gas mileage in your Orlando used car!

Fuel efficient used car in Orlando

The less gas we have to pump into our car, the more we’re able to save the planet in various ways! Not to mention it’s a huge plus for our pocketbooks. Enhancing your gas mileage on your Orlando used car will help you save money in the long run. There are some manageable ways in which you can alter your driving habits in order to improve your gas mileage. Check it out!

Go further in your used car in Orlando with better fuel efficiency!

Earth Day

Keep up with auto maintenance

The proper auto service can go a long way with fuel efficiency! That’s because car maintenance helps keep your used car in proper working condition. Do you know how crucial an oil change can be? The oil is what keeps you car running smoothly. Avoiding an oil change makes your engine have to work harder than it should. This not only harms the efficiency of your car, but it can also lead to engine failure! If you want to keep your car in tip-top shape visit our Orlando auto service center!

Drive slow

We’ve heard this many times growing up – slow and steady wins the race. Well, guess what? Slow and steady also improves the gas mileage of your used car! That’s because if you’re constantly stepping on the gas pedal and then on the brake pedal you’re making your car work hard, which uses up more gas. However, if you keep your car at a constant speed, then it won’t need to burn as much fuel. If you plan on going on a long drive you should use your cruise control. Cruise control helps maintain your car at a constant speed for a long period of time, which helps save gas!

Clear up your car

How’s your trunk? Is it packed with miscellaneous boxes and forgotten things? Maybe it’s time to clean it up! Make sure you recycle the things you don’t need. Did you know that having too many things loaded up in your car can actually affect your Orlando used car’s fuel efficiency? It does! Clearing it up might help you move that extra mile or ten!

If you have any question on how else you can improve the fuel efficiency on your car, visit our Orlando auto service center today! We’re located at 1651 State Road 50!