Have a happy Cinco de Mayo with safe driving tips!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo mis amigos! When you get out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo today please remember to very careful! Our team at our used car dealership in Orlando care about your safety while you’re behind the wheel! That’s why during a holiday as popular as Cinco de Mayo we like to remind you not to drink and drive! Practice your safe driving techniques and prepare ahead for an event such as today! That’s why our Orlando used car team wants to help you brush up on safe driving!

Practice safe driving in Orlando on Cinco de Mayo!

safe driving tips

Cinco de Mayo is a very popular holiday to drink many margaritas and tequila! It can be a lot of fun! However, if you plan on partaking in these activities, plan ahead! Make sure you and other drivers are safe on the road. You can either take public transportation, call a cab or Uber, or you can be the designated driver. The designated driver can still have fun, they just have to be responsible!

Our Orlando used car reminds you to use safe driving when on the road!

Orlando used car tips

If you’re going to be the designated driver check out the following safe driving tips from our Orlando used car dealership team! We care about yours and your passenger’s safety!

Follow the road rules

Remember to always follow the road rules! Respect the speed limit and road signs. It’s important to follow the law especially on a night with so much festivities. There’ll be a lot of people out on the roads tonight and sadly, a lot won’t follow the rules. However, if you’re being cautious and aware you’ll be safe! Remember to drive safely and always pay attention to the road.

Defensive driving

Many people will be out celebrating Cinco de Mayo! Some won’t make the wise the decision you’re making to drive sober, so make sure to have your headlights on, that you’re attentive, and that your hands are on the wheels at all times! Part of safe driving is observing your surrounding and being able to react to it.

Keep an eye out from drunk drivers

One key part of safe driving is to be aware of your surroundings! That’s why it’s important to know what to look for, here are a few tips:

  • Swerving in and out of lanes
  • Sudden stops or quick accelerations at street signals
  • Headlights turned off
  • Driving in areas not made for driving
  • Driving in between lanes

And many more!

If you suspect that someone is drunk driving be safe and stay as far away from them as possible! Jot down information on the car such as license plate number, car color, make and model. Then pull over and call 911! Report to them when you spotted the drunk driver and additional information.

Remember that if you’re going out to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, drink responsibly mis amigos! If you’re going to drink, don’t drive! If you see anything suspicious, call 911! And if you have any questions call our Orlando used car dealership at (888) 590-6090.