How to perfectly pack your car for the big move!

The start of the school semester is getting near, which means you’re probably getting ready to move in to your dorm or apartment! Moving can be very exciting but very stressful at the same time. The team at our Orlando used car dealership wants to make this process a little less painful for you, so we’ve come up with some helpful tips for moving. You want to make sure your used car is ready for the move so brush up on these helpful moving tips before you hit the road!

Moving tips

Is your pre-owned car ready to haul a large load?

You want to make sure you’ve packed properly before you head out with a heavy haul, so before you even start loading up your Orlando used car, be sure to double check its manual for payload capacity which refers to the weight a truck can carry in both the bed and cab, including passengers. It’s important that you adhere to the payload capacity of your previously owned car for your safety and your engines well-being. After you’ve made sure that you won’t exceed your cars capacity, it’s time to start to prepare for packing.

Take a trip to our Orlando auto parts store so you can grab all the necessary equipment for your move. Take a look at the list of items our Orlando used car dealership suggests you have before loading up your car for the big move:

  • Straps or tie downs
  • Roof racks
  • Storage containers
  • Tarps and blankets
  • Bed liner

tips for used car towing

Get everything your used car needs to secure your belongings

These items will become very handy when you are packing away your belongings in your used vehicle. Now that you have everything you need to move, it’s time to properly pack up your Orlando car. Take a look at our Orlando pre-owned car dealership’s advice:

Start with packing small or loose items in storage containers. This will ensure that they will be organized and stay put while you drive.

When you begin to load up your used vehicle, be sure to put the heaviest items in the middle so your car won’t be off balanced while you travel down the highway.

Put larger items on the bottom and more fragile items on top so they stay safe.

While loading up furniture, place blankets in between them so they won’t scratch or become damaged during the drive.

Throw tarps over your valuables to keep them safe from the changing weather conditions.

Strap down your belongings in an “X” pattern to secure them for the long haul. Be sure to use proper tie downs as bungee cord alternatives. Using bungee cords can be extremely dangerous because they are are unreliable and are prone to snapping.

If you have any questions about how to load up your car for moving, come into our Orlando pre-owned car dealership today. We will be able to show you the best way to pack and secure your valuables. We’re located at 16851 State Road 50 in between CR27 and the Florida Turnpike!