Improve your used car for a clean and convenient summer

A busy schedule doesn’t leave a lot of time for tasks like cleaning the house or your car. However, allowing your car to get dirty and dingy can eventually affect the resale value of your ride. Regular car maintenance and car detailing keeps your car looking pristine. Keeping the inside of your Orlando used car organized can protect your interior and keep the amount of messes down. By now, you’ve concluded that it’s a good idea to take care of your car – but do you know how? Toyota of Clermont has tips on how to detail your car and how to keep it clean!

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Used car detailing tips

All Orlando car detailing advice begins with a quality car wash! Use water, soap specifically for cars, and a sponge that won’t scratch your paint to get dirt, sand, bugs, and other debris off of the exterior of your car. While elbow grease is needed, a hand wash is more thorough and does more for your car than an automatic car wash. After your exterior is clean, apply a coat of wax. Car wax protects your clear coat and paint job from sun damage and scratches. A car wash is usually needed about once a week, and wax is needed every four to six months.

Use a glass cleaner WITHOUT ammonia to clean the glass of your car. Ammonia can damage your window tint and leaves an unpleasant smell behind. Spray ammonia-free glass cleaner on your windshields, windows, and mirrors. Use a microfiber cloth to buff it out, remove residue, and leave a streak-free shine!

Suck up any dirt, hair, crumbs, and other messes in your cabin with a vacuum. Use an old toothbrush and can of compressed air to get in the nooks and crannies between the seats. Remove stains in the upholstery with upholstery cleaner or soap and warm water. Shake out any removable floor mats and clean out any garbage that may be stuck underneath the seats.

used car maintenance

Car organization tips from our Orlando Toyota Service Center

Once you’ve got your car clean inside and out with our Orlando car detailing tips, it’s time to organize your used car so you can keep it clean! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on special car accessories to organize it. In fact, you can use household items and re-purpose other items. Organize and keep your Orlando used car clean with:

  • Over the door shoe organizers. Place items in pockets and pouches of the shoe organizer hanging over the back of the front seat.
  • Cereal containers. Place a plastic bag inside of a plastic cereal container with a lid to create a trash can.
  • Gum containers. Put loose change in an empty gum container.
  • Shower caddy. Organize your kids toys, games, coloring books, and other items in a shower caddy.
  • Scarf. Tie a scarf around the headrest to attach to your purse while you’re driving. This will prevent your handbag from going flying!

Voila! You now have an incredibly clean and organized used car in Orlando! For more tips on how to enhance your car, visit our Toyota Service Center at 16851 State Road 50.