Life-saving tips for car accidents with electricity poles

Car accidents are a scary experience, but it can be scarier when your vehicle collides with an electricity or utility pole. This is because crashing into an electricity pole can be dangerous and life-threatening, even if you have no injuries from the initial collision. It’s important that you exude extreme caution after a car accident with an electricity pole because one false move could cause you serious harm. Our used car dealership in Orlando wants you to be prepared just in case you ever have to experience this unfortunate event.

Car accident tips

What to do after a car accident with an electricity pole

CRASH! A car with a distracted driver swerved into your lane and caused you to jerk the wheel. This evasive move caused your Orlando used car to lose control and collide with a nearby utility pole. As your deployed airbags deflate and settle, you notice there are power lines down and on your car. Now what do you do?

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Step 1: Don’t move! Do not attempt to get out of your car. Instead, warn others, like people involved in the car accident and witnesses, to stay far back from your vehicle. People should stay at least 35 feet back from your vehicle and the electricity pole.

Step 2: Call the authorities. Call the police and the utility company and inform them of your situation and location, and if there are any injuries. Tell the police that you’ve been in a car accident and that you’ve hit an electricity pole. Make sure they know where you are so they can cut off electricity flowing through the lines.

Step 3: If the authorities haven’t notified you that the power lines are deenergized, but your car begins to smoke or catch fire, it’s important that you get to safety. However, you cannot just get out of your Orlando used car normally. Instead, you must jump out of your car, making sure you get your feet together and plant both feet on the ground at the same time. This will prevent the energized ground from electrocuting you.

Step 4: To get to safety, shuffle your way out of the danger zone. Do not take steps, instead keep your feet together and shuffle at least 35 feet away from your Orlando used car. Make sure both your feet stay on the ground at all times. By keeping your feet together, you stop the ground from completing a circuit and sending electric shock through your body.

Get your Orlando used car repaired at our auto service center

Getting into a car accident, especially with a utility pole, can cause serious damages to your Orlando used car. Once the area is deenenergized and it’s safe to approach your vehicle, call a towing service. Have your car brought to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando. Our expert auto service techs can get your car fixed up and back to shipshape in no time!

Our used car dealership wants to keep you safe in any case of emergency. For more life-saving tips and what to do after an auto accident, give us a call at (888) 590-6090!