Safe driving tips for your spring break road trip!

It’s that time of year again… SPRING BREAK! A time when the semester winds down and you gather your closest friends to head out on a new adventure. Spring break is a time to relax, unwind, and make GREAT memories! However, before we get our adrenaline rushing our auto service team in Orlando wants to remind you to be safe! Make sure you have a safe car and that you’re practicing safe driving techniques on your road trip! Our Orlando auto service team has gathered a few safe driving and maintenance tips to get ready for an UNFORGETTABLE spring break!

Get your car serviced at our Orlando Toyota Service Center before hitting the road!

Orlando auto service tips

Picture you and your friends cruising down the highway, windows down, wind blowing on your face, your favorite songs are on queue, and BOOM! The inevitable happens, your car stops working. Avoid this by paying a quick visit to our Orlando auto service center before heading out of town. Our highly trained technicians can inspect your car from bumper to bumper o ensure you’re behind the wheel of a safe car.

If you plan on going on a long road trip, our Orlando Toyota Service technicians recommend getting your car serviced. Some of the things are:

  • oil change
  • tire maintenance
  • replenish fluids
  • brake check

And more.

Practice safe driving techniques on your spring break road trip!

Once your car is in top-notch shape load it up and hit the road! However, remember to practice safe driving techniques when you’re behind the wheel. That’s why our Orlando auto service team gathered safe driving tips to share with you!

safe driving tips

Avoid distractions

It can be really easy to tune into to your favorite jam and take the hands off the steering wheel. DON’T! You should always keep both hands on the steering wheel! You don’t need your hands in the air to sing along. You should also put your phone away! If you’d like, give your phone to a designated texter while you practice safe driving.

Take brakes 

If you’re making a long trip plan brakes in between. You can look up some interesting places to explore or eat on the way. This way you won’t get tired behind the wheel and it gives you an opportunity to see new things.

Rotate drivers

Split the driving between your friends! You don’t have to e a trooper and drive the whole way. Especially if you’re getting tired!

Plan your route 

Determine a route in which you want to take! Don’t fully rely on your phones and GPS. Have a traditional map with you in case you get lost or loose service. Plan for the inevitable.

Defensive driving

Use your defensive driving abilities to ensure you and your passengers are safe on the road. Even though you’re practicing safe driving, you may still encounter other reckless drivers out there. Pay attention to your surroundings, slow down when needs, and be alert!

Our Orlando auto service team hopes that you have an AMAZING spring break. If you have any questions regarding driving tips or car maintenance give us a call at (866) 454-1614.