Should you buy from a used car dealer or a private seller?

The time has come for you to get rid of your old ride and get into something new and exciting. However, your new ride doesn’t have to be brand new! Sometimes the best options are pre-owned cars because they’re more affordable and have already established fuel efficiency. If you’re looking into buying a used car in Orlando, you should first decide where you’re going to buy it from. When it comes to pre-owned cars, your main options are a private seller or a used car dealership. Which one is best for you? We can help you decide!

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Private seller vs used car dealership!

Once you get an idea of what you want and start looking, you may find your dream car is being sold by a private seller. Should you buy this pre-owned car from the private seller? First, weigh the pros and cons!

Advantages of buying from a private seller:

  • Room to negotiate. Private sellers choose their own price to sell the car at, and typically with haggle with buyers. You as a buyer have the opportunity to negotiate, and possibly bring the price down.
  • Lots of options! If that particular car doesn’t work out, there are thousands of people out there selling their cars privately. The options are almost endless when it comes to used car buying from private sellers.

Disadvantages of buying from a private seller:

  • Time spent searching starts to add up. You have to spend a good majority of your free time browsing ads and the internet searching for a used car in Orlando that tickles your fancy. You also have to take time to go meet up with seller to look at the car and inspect its condition.
  • Handling all of the paperwork yourself. If you purchase a used vehicle from a private seller, the responsibility of transferring the tag and title is now yours.

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Buying from Toyota of Clermont is easy!

If you’re looking for a car buying experience that is less of a headache, you should choose to shop at Toyota of Clermont. We’re a one-stop shop! Not only can you trade in your old car here, you can also:

  • Get available warranties. You won’t have to pay out of pocket for certain auto services and auto repairs.
  • Finance a new car. If you can’t pay for the car all at once, we have affordable financing options.
  • Have the tag and title transferred for you. Sit back and relax as our sales associates take care of the tagging and titling process for you.

Other advantages of buying from our Orlando used car dealership include a 160-point safety inspection done by our Toyota-certified auto technicians and a FREE copy of the Carfax vehicle history report. You can have peace of mind knowing that the car you’re buying is safe and reliable, and not a lemon car. Our pre-owned car dealership is held to higher standards that private sellers don’t have to abide by.

For more car shopping tips, visit us at 16851 State Road 50!