Five commonly replaced car parts

Purchasing a used car can definitely be intimidating, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Although one thing that everyone looks for in their used vehicle is quality. Knowing your car parts will ensure that you’re asking the right questions and looking for the right things during your inspections. Additionally, if you experience any problems with your vehicle, you will be able to better explain the issue with Orlando Toyota Parts Center experts.


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Knowing when to replace your Toyota car parts is a must!

The following auto parts guide was created with a used car owner in mind. This list will teach you about the basic parts you should know if you own a used Orlando Toyota and how to know if it’s time to replace them. These five parts are some of the most often replaced auto parts.

  1. Battery

This first car part may seem like an obvious one, but many people forget to replace this every four to five years. In a hot climate like Orlando, three years between replacements will do. No one wants their battery to die at an inconvenient time, so it’s important to remember to replace this car part. Poor habits, like leaving the lights on or air running when the car isn’t started, will cause the battery to die faster.


  1. Brake Rotors

This auto part prevents the brake system from overheating. If brake rotors get too worn down, you’re at risk for brake failure. Squealing or growling noises and any pulsing sensations when braking could indicate damage to the brake rotors. How often these should be replaced depends on your driving style and the type of brake pads used, but could be anywhere from 15,000 to 70,000 miles.


  1. Spark Plugs

Replacing spark plugs is generally inexpensive. If you are having difficulty starting your vehicle, noticing slow acceleration, or having surging or misfiring of the engine, this could indicate that it is time for new spark plugs. Replacing these will actually maximize fuel economy, so it is important to remember to replace this part when needed. The time between changing your spark plugs depends on what kind you have in your car.


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  1. Alternators

This auto part is frequently replaced and also frequently misdiagnosed. Alternators keep the car battery charged and supplies voltage for your vehicle’s electrical system. Dimmed accessory lights or difficulty starting your car could mean that it’s time to replace this car part. These should typically last about seven years, but keep a look out for any warning signs for replacement.


  1. Fuses

This final auto part may need to be replaced if you experience problems with your windshield wipers, blinkers, or other vehicle instruments. Replacing a failing fuse is fairly common because of electrical problems. If a fuse has failed the circuit, there may be a short or an overload. You may never have to replace a fuse on your vehicle, but if you do it should be the same amp rating as the original fuse.

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