How much should you pay for your first used car?

Are you shopping for your first used car? It can be daunting, we know, simply because it’s such a BIG purchase. Buying an Orlando used car isn’t like buying a pair of shoes – it’s a lot more expensive, requires a lot more responsibility, and (hopefully) you’ll have it a lot longer than those new Nikes. However, if you approach it the right way, you can have a stress-free and even enjoyable car shopping experience. It all starts with your wallet!

Orland used car shopping tips

Toyota of Clermont can help you figure out the financials for your first car

One of the first questions you should answer before you even consider which car you should test drive is how much you can pay for it. This is one of the largest deciding factors for most drivers, and if you can work out the numbers before you start used car shopping, you’ll save yourself a big headache. Toyota of Clermont is here to share tips on how to do it.

Tip #1: Iron out your budget. Exactly how much can you spare every month for a car payment? Make sure you’ve got your finances in order before you start used car shopping, and also nail down how much you can spend on a down payment initially. This will help to narrow your search and make things simpler when it’s time to negotiate price.

Tip #2: Find out how much your trade-in is worth. You can use a calculator like the one we have on our Clermont Toyota website, or you can just bring your ride into our dealership and have it appraised. We do appraisals on the spot and make you an offer based on condition, and we’re always in need of preowned cars so you can be sure you’ll get top-dollar. This will also help you firm up how much you’re going to shell out for a down payment!

Tip #3: Remember, the car isn’t the only monthly expense you’re going to have to shell out for. You’ll also have to pay for car insurance – it’s illegal not to have it – and car maintenance, like oil changes and tire rotations. And don’t forget about gas. How much will it cost you to fuel up every week based on your commute and the car’s performance? And finally (if you’re not already a car owner), think about money for tolls and parking. Owning a car is a big responsibility!

first car tips

Shop for a used car with confidence

Tip #4: Once you’ve worked all that out, it’s time to consider the PRICE of the car you can afford and put the monthly payments aside for a minute. How much are you willing to pay overall for your first ride? This will help you narrow your selection even further and also direct you to the right dealer or car lot.

Want more tips, or want to start shopping? Call Toyota of Clermont today – we’re open seven days a week until 10pm at (888) 590-6090. We have a great selection of Orlando used cars for sale and our knowledgeable sales associates can absolutely guide you in the right direction if you need help!