Travel safely this spring break with our tips

Are you heading to the highway for spring break in your Orlando used car? If so, then you definitely want to prep beforehand. However, it doesn’t take a lot of time or money to get your ride ready to roll, and Toyota of Clermont is here to help. Check out our top BLANK tips for getting your car spring-break ready!

Toyota of Clermont tips

Prep for spring break like a pro

Tip #1: Schedule auto service. We know, we know – we talk about auto service all the time. But you need to get your used car into Toyota of Clermont so our techs can check the tires, brakes, oil, fluids, and battery before you head out to the open highway! The last thing you want is a broken down ride ruining your getaway. Instead, proactively head problems off with affordable auto maintenance before you leave!

Tip #2: Plot your route. Do you know exactly where you’re going? Make sure you take the time to familiarize yourself with your route, plan stops if you need them, and also come up with an alternate route should you face bad traffic in a tourist-heavy spring break destination. And if you’re using your phone’s apps to get you where you need to go, be sure you stow a phone charger in your Orlando used car. That battery drain is real!

Tip #3: Pack wisely. You know the ropes – always put heavier items on the bottom and toward the middle, and be sure that you never stack things to the ceiling (you want a clear field of vision out the back of your car). However, don’t forget to keep your necessities close by – like your purse, your food, your charger, and anything else you need access to during your drive time – so you don’t have to dig it out. And if you’re stopping overnight, consider throwing a change of clothes and some toiletries in a small bag to take in with you so you don’t have to unpack the car.

driving on spring break

Use these Clermont Toyota tips to hit the highway this spring break

Tip #4: Buckle up. Common sense speaking here – everyone inside of your Orlando used car should have their own seatbelt. Period.

Tip #5: Plan some tunes. Download Spotify or Pandora on your phone and make playlists to keep everyone entertained while out on the road – you can either stream them via Bluetooth or use a USB/Aux jack to hook your phone up and get moving!

Tip #6: Don’t rush. We know you’re eager to hit the beach, but rushing just ups the chance that you’ll get into a car accident. It’s better to get where you need to go on time or even a little late than to never actually arrive! Take your time, be patient with traffic, and try to avoid the road rage.

Tip #7: Never drink and drive. We know spring break involves a lot of partying… park your ride and hoof it, or call an uber. You should never get behind the wheel of a car if you’ve had any alcohol… ever!

Want more tips, or want to check out our great selection of spring-break-worthy rides? Come on down to Toyota of Clermont at 16851 State Road 50 today!