Drive an awesome used car back to school!

Orlando used Toyota

Summer is close to an end and you’ll soon be heading back to campus for the new semester! We bet you’re pretty excited about going back to a fun filled semester. Living on campus without a car is doable, but it can sometimes be challenging when you need to go grocery shopping, leave campus, or […]

How to perfectly pack your car for the big move!

Moving tips

The start of the school semester is getting near, which means you’re probably getting ready to move in to your dorm or apartment! Moving can be very exciting but very stressful at the same time. The team at our Orlando used car dealership wants to make this process a little less painful for you, so […]

Top 5 used cars for your carpool!

used crossover

Whether you’re driving a pack of kids to their soccer game or a group of coworkers to work every weekday, doing it in the wrong car can get stressful. Luckily our Orlando used car dealership has a large selection of cars perfect for carpooling. Carpooling can improve your commute, but only if you do it […]

Do’s and dont’s of used car’s in Orlando!

Orlando car dealership

You probably go through many life changes during the course of your car ownership. Whether you’re starting a family or heading off to college, your needs will change. It doesn’t make sense to keep the same old car if it can’t accommodate your lifestyle changes. The team at our Orlando used car dealership can help […]

Which type of car battery do you need?

battery replacement

There are several components to your used car that allow it to operate smoothly. They are all important in their own right; however, one is especially important to start your car. This is the battery and without it, you’ll have a very difficult time starting up your Orlando used car. Car batteries are made to […]

Which used truck should you buy to tow?

used truck

Summer is officially here! Summer in Florida means extremely hot summer days! As Floridians, all we want to do is to either stay in the air conditioning or in the water. So if you want to get behind the wheel of a used truck in Orlando to be able to tow a boat out to […]