How to pack your used car for a trip!

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Hot summer days are upon us! Will you be cruising this summer in your car? Take a road trip before getting back to reality this summer! Road trips in your Orlando used car are one of the best ways to explore and see what other places have to offer to make for a remarkable summer. […]

Used Toyota cars are sweet for summertime

Are you enjoying a break from school or work this summer? Summertime is supposed to be full of fun and making memories. However, if you’re stuck at home because your car is unreliable, you’re wasting away your summer! Don’t stay cooped up inside your house this summer, instead get into an Orlando used Toyota and […]

Prep your used car for a road trip!

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Summertime is here! It’s a great time to hit the road with the family and explore! However, prior to getting into your Orlando used car and hopping on the highway check out these tips! Our Orlando auto service team wants to ensure that you and your family are safe once you’re on the road. That’s […]

Prep your used car for a hurricane

Did you know that we’re already in hurricane season? The afternoon rain storms have begun, and a hurricane could appear at any time. In Central Florida, we’re no strangers to these intense storms – but we should also know how to be ready for them. Preparation for a hurricane involves protecting your family, your house […]

Consider these used car myths BUSTED!

If you’re getting ready to go used car shopping in Orlando and you’ve been doing your research, you may have come across different tips or pieces of advice. However, there are some that are true and some that are completely false. Before you start car shopping, it’s important that you know the truth behind some […]

Should you buy a used hybrid car?

What sounds better than saving gas and saving the planet? How about saving money?! Complete the trifecta with a used hybrid car in Orlando! These pre-owned green cars are helping save the environment and reduce fuel consumption, all while saving you money at the dealership. However, these green cars aren’t for everyone! If you’re unsure of […]

Take a summer road trip in a used car!

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That stressful two-week studying for finals is near and summer is finally near! Do you have any exciting plans for the summer? Perhaps a one way ticket to freedom? Embark on a journey that you’ll remember for a long time! You have your whole life to work, so why not get into an adventure this […]