How much should you pay for your first used car?

Are you shopping for your first used car? It can be daunting, we know, simply because it’s such a BIG purchase. Buying an Orlando used car isn’t like buying a pair of shoes – it’s a lot more expensive, requires a lot more responsibility, and (hopefully) you’ll have it a lot longer than those new […]

How to buy a used car for a teen

Are you thinking about putting a used car under the tree this holiday season for your teen driver? It’s no small purchase – this car could very well last them through their college years if you get the right one! That’s where we come in. Here at Toyota of Clermont, we know what qualities you […]

Consider these used car myths BUSTED!

If you’re getting ready to go used car shopping in Orlando and you’ve been doing your research, you may have come across different tips or pieces of advice. However, there are some that are true and some that are completely false. Before you start car shopping, it’s important that you know the truth behind some […]