Ask all the right questions when buying from a used car private seller

Are you searching in newspaper classifieds or on online advertisements for a new ride? Buying from a private seller is a great way to get a used car at an extremely affordable price, especially because you have the opportunity to haggle. Unfortunately, there can be some risk included in buying from a private seller. There’s […]

Don’t put off transmission repair in Orlando! Your used car needs it!

There are a lot of important systems in a vehicle that work together to keep it running and moving. The engine, suspension, exhaust and transmission are four of the most important systems. These need to be kept in tiptop shape to ensure your used car will run for years and years to come! The transmission […]

Don’t forget about routine maintenance for your used car this summer!

Summer will be here any day now and the temperatures just keep climbing! There are a lot of things to think about this summer: kids are out of school, vacation planning… have you thought about your Orlando used car lately? A car is an investment worth taking care of! A crucial part of taking care […]

Things to think about before buying an Orlando used car

Are you thinking about signing the dotted line for one of our affordable used cars in Orlando? If you are, then you’ve probably plotted out all the important things you need to think about before investing in a vehicle. (You know, like fuel efficiency, price, performance capabilities, style, and technology… just to name a few). […]